Our firm has served the needs of a wide range of clients, each with their own story and special considerations. Here are some of their experiences working with us!

I moved to Denver in January 2013, needing a Green card. Initially intending to handle the process myself, I decided to seek the advice of an attorney and was recommended to Jessica. I have to say that had I attempted this process myself I would still be without my approval – Jessica handled everything and the result was a very smooth process with an approval that came almost 3 months to the day that the paperwork was filed. I cannot speak highly enough of Jessica and her professionalism and knowledge.


Jessica me ayudó con todo el proceso para mi residencia. Desde el primer momento que mi esposo y yo la visitamos nos dio confianza porque ella conoce muy bien el proceso de inmigración. Ella te explica muy claro y te atiende de forma personalizada, siempre está al pendiente de tu caso, es muy amable y responsable con su trabajo. En mi caso yo no tuve que llenar ningún documento, Jessica lo hizo todo por mi y en los tiempos establecidos. Además me ofreció una atención que otros abogados no tenían. Yo recomiendo ampliamente su trabajo y si llegara a necesitar nuevamente de sus servicios sin dudarlo la contrataría.


I went to Jessica’s office last year for some help with my immigration process. It was a relatively easy case of filling some renewing forms and paying the fee, but I didn’t want to take the risk of doing it on my own due to some bad experiences in the past when I first applied for my residency. I visited a couple other lawyers first, but they all were trying to scare me, saying that my case could get really complicated, just with the intention of charging me much more. When I visited Jessica, it was a relief. She was honest and friendly. She didn’t try to make the things looks worse to get a hold of my business. Furthermore, she was really professional and quick on the respective process that mattered at that time. This year I’m ready to apply for my naturalization, and I have no doubts that I’ll be calling her to assist me with this process. Thanks Jessica, and see you soon!!!


If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, look no further. My husband and I had an excellent experience working with Jessica. She is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly personable. She promptly responds to emails and phone messages and made us feel very comfortable during the process of filing as a permanent resident. The whole process is intimidating but Jessica helped make it smooth and stress-free! Her services are highly recommended!


I would like to highly recommend Jessica Kunevicius as an immigration lawyer. My husband and I worked with Jessica for two years and she was very dedicated to our case. Our biggest concern was getting my husband back from Guatemala as soon as possible as we had a new baby on the way. She was always very accessible and timely. She is very knowledgeable about the immigration process from start to finish. To attest to her character and relationship with her clients, I would like to note that when my husband’s waiver was approved, she was the first person I called to share our good news. She was genuinely happy! Thanks to Jessica my husband is back and our family is complete. I suggest that anyone considering hiring Jessica Kunevicius as their lawyer, DO IT!


Hola, si estas buscando ayuda legal en cualquier asunto migratorio, incluyendo profundo conocimiento de los ajustes para Cubanos, te recomiendo con un 100% de seguridad los servicios de la oficina de la abogada Jessica Kunevicius En mi caso de deportación me ayudo a entender todas las opciones y siempre escogió la mejor, en cada presentación antes el juez de inmigración peleo a mi favor como una leona hasta que alcanzamos la victoria, Gracias Abogada!!!


I had talked to at least 8 attorneys in November 2009 before I called Jessica. I knew the moment I spoke with her that she was the perfect attorney to get my husband home from Guatemala. She is kind, compassionate and easy to talk to. She is a great listener and really made an effort to completely understand our situation. She processed all the paperwork timely and showed a genuine concern about getting my husband’s I-601 submitted as quickly as possible. God Bless, we were approved on Feb. 22, 2011; my husband came home Feb. 27, 2011. My husband said that the Immigration officials told him his attorney did a great job with the paperwork! We highly recommend Jessica, she is our Angel.

-Nancy and Ramon

Jessica advised my fiancée (now wife) and I for a K1 visa application. Jessica is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney and she made the whole process smooth and less confusing than it would have been without her help. My wife obtained her K1 visa with no problem in a speedy fashion. Jessica returns your calls or emails promptly and provides very good customer services. She genuinely cares about her clients’ cases and not about their wallets. Her rates are reasonable but of course she has to make a living too. Jessica is a young attorney who I am sure has a bright future in front of her and her services will be sought more and more as the quality of her work is more known. Finally, Jessica is a very friendly and easy going person to work with and I will use her services again if needed. I highly recommend her. Thank you very much Jessica and keep up the good work!


Jessica is phenomenal! She managed our case with complete professionalism. She responded to all of our questions and concerns in a friendly, informative, prompt manner. She knew how to handle all the ins and outs of our case and was always honest and energetic, while at the same time never missing a detail and making sure we were fully prepared. I will actually miss interacting with her now that our case has been successfully resolved!


The first time we sat down with Jessica Kunevicius, we knew that she was the perfect lawyer for us. She was very friendly, forthcoming, and genuinely empathetic to our situation. We felt right at home with her. She immediately made us feel at ease and put all our worries and concerns to rest. The process that at first seemed overwhelming and impossible to us instantly became simplified and attainable. Jessica took the time to answer our numerous questions, cleared up our confusion, provided reassurance, and calmed all our fears. She kept in close contact with us throughout the entire process, and was always quick to answer our calls and return our emails. Jessica made the entire process very easy. She told us exactly what we needed to do, and took care of all the paperwork for us. She was also very flexible with our schedule and willingly met with us on weekends. After going through a mock interview with Jessica, we felt more than confident when the time came for our actual interview, which went through without a hitch. We would not have gotten through our petition so quickly had it not been for her knowledge and expertise. Jessica submitted all our paperwork in October 2009, and in just four months we were interviewed and got our approval. We know first hand how intimidating and complicated the immigration process is. Were it not for Jessica, my wife and I would still be waiting to start our life together. We encourage anyone out there seeking guidance and assistance, do not spend anymore time searching for the right person to help. We recommend Jessica wholeheartedly. Just give her a call and we are sure you will think she is just as wonderful as we do. WE ARE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU, JESSICA. THANKS TO YOU, AN ENORMOUS WEIGHT HAS BEEN LIFTED OFF OUR SHOULDERS!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!


Obtaining residence documentation after marriage is a very difficult task. Jessica helped tremendously in simplifying the process from legal jargon to plain English. She is very knowledgeable and efficient in her practice, making sure we were aware of each step of the legal process. She also prepared us for our interview and even accompanied us to the courthouse when the date of our interview arrived. Jessica made sure our legal process went very smoothly and stress free. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone needing immigration legal services. Thank you Jessica!


After reading the testimonials of her previous clients, my wife and I met with and decided to hire Jessica Kunevicius to represent us when we filed our immigration applications. From our very first meeting and all the way through the process it has been an absolute delight working with Jessica. She informed us of the forms that needed to be filed, the documentation we needed to have, and the costs and timeframe associated with the filing process. Her pricing is very competitive compared to other legal services we checked out. She was very open, honest and upfront with everything. She is one of the friendliest and easy going people we have ever met, and at the same time she is very professional. She has always been available to answer any questions we have and to guide us step by step through the application process. Because of her knowledge of immigration law and the application process, she was able to make it so easy for us to understand and make the right decisions. My wife and I extend our sincere thanks to Jessica for all of her help and highly recommend her for anybody that is in need of help getting through the immigration process.

-Larry and Amanda

Jessica helped me obtain a work permit. I filled the application out prior to our meeting but I knew I needed a lawyer to double check my answers. She helped me every step of the way. Thanks to her I can now work without the fear of an immigration raid. I literally cried when I received it in the mail, after so many years of working in the shadows I can now come to the light and get a better paying job to support my wife and my newborn son. Thanks Jessica for being very professional and patient in my immigration matter.


Jai le haute regard pour avocate Jessica Kunevicius et pour sa profession. Avocate Jessica ma aider dans les démarche pour avoir mon permit de travaille et mon carte verte. Elle ma aider et dite tout ce que je doit amener en détaille et fournir pour la direction d’immigration aux états unis. Je apprécier sa proffessionism pour me suive de début jus que le fin de ces demand de carte verte .je suis trop heureux pour ceste succès pas que ces seulement 5 moins et deux semaine pour avoir mon green card ou carte verte. Merci a avocate Jessica Si il y a kell qun ou kel qu une ici qui a des problèmes avec d’immigration au états unis et extérieur ou dans ton pays de origine si te plait contactez Jessica Kunevicius sur internet des avocat du Denver Colorado elle va te aider avec patient tu va avoir gain de cause. Bonne chance a tous.


We would like to praise Jessica Kunevicius for the excellent job she did in helping us to obtain a fiancé/e visa. My fiancé was able join me from Tanzania to the USA because of Jessica’s work. Jessica is a perfect immigration attorney, guiding each and every step of the way. Jessica is full of knowledge and rich in immigration experiences. Jessica listened to us and she made sure everything was okay before filling out the paperwork. Jessica made the hard times easier. Jessica is friendly and made us feel comfortable asking questions. Jessica is available at any time, day or night, no matter how small the question, advice, or concern you have about the immigration process. We would recommend Jessica’s office for immigration help and processes. Jessica is more than an immigration attorney. Asante sana Jessica. Tunapenda kumshukuru Jessica Kunevicius kwa kazi nzuri aliyotufanyia, alitusaidia kupata visa ya uchumba. Mchumba wangu aliweza kuungana nami kutoka Tanzania mpaka USA kwa sababu ya kazi yake. Jessica ni wakili wa uhamiaji aliyekamilika, alituongoza kila hatua. Ana ufahamu na uzoefu mkubwa katika masuala ya kiuhamiaji. Alitusikiliza na kuhakikisha kila kitu ni sawa kabla ya kuzaja fomu. Alifanya wakati mgumu uwe rahisi. Ni mkalimu na alitufanya tujisikie uhuru kumuuliza maswali. Alipatikana muda wote, mchana au usiku, hakujali kama ni suala dogo, ushauri au mashaka kuhusu uhamiaji alikuwa tayari kutoa msaada kwa wakati wote. Tunapendekeza Ofisi ya Jessica kwa masuala na misaada ya kiuhamiaji. Thanks Jessica.

-Shani and Joy

Hola mi nombre es Verónica, aquí escribo un poco de mi testimonio como víctima de violencia doméstica: con temores a el vivir la violencia en mi vida y mi hogar. Como tantas personas no sabemos de las leyes de este país, pero gracias a Dios tuve la oportunidad de conocer de la ley para personas de violencia doméstica por medio de la abogada Jessica. Platiqué con ella de lo que me estaba pasando y yo viviendo en mi vida. Ella me ayudó a aplicar por una visa VAWA para victimas de violencia doméstica. Jessica me ayudó bastante como abogada de inmigración. Pusimos mi caso ante la migración. Gracias a Dios obtuve mi permiso. Yo te recomiendo. Busca la ayuda como lo hice yo. Quita los temores de enfrente y Jessica es una excelente abogada y excelente persona. Busca la orientación. Llámala.